Meet the technologies of the future. We believe in the immense potential of our portfolio companies. Every project or innovation we invest in is a full-time member of the BTV family for which we feel, care and support. 


Shopify for delivery. Zeew is a leading white label on-demand delivery solution that empowers entrepreneurs to launch their own online store and delivery platform.

Kedeon is a product quality tracking platform that makes your cold supply chain more resource-efficient, secure, transparent, and trusted.

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SIZZAPP is a simple smart device that connects a vehicle to the application and allows you to track its location and technical condition while staying connected to the community of drivers.

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Corebook is an interactive web tool to build and share online brand books. Corebook is here to aspire full confidence in branding.

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Orocon is a construction site management software that provides real-time work overview, analytics and forecasts to manage, control, and optimize construction processes.

Asya is an app that listens to a human voice and uses artificial intelligence to provide immediate feedback on the emotional impact of your words in conversation.

Doconline is a leading Latvian telemedicine platform where people can sign up and receive doctor consultations online in a matter of minutes.



Innovation is at the heart of what we do. BTV invests in market disruptive innovation projects which shape the world with high-tech solutions.

Patent Pending: iWrist

Haptic Navigator Bracelet

An inclusive wearable navigation device that uses haptics to guide the user

Patent Pending: Mechanical Macro Keypad 

A fully programmable macro keypad designed to help developers, creators and streamers perform complex tasks with a single button press. The keypad uses highly tactile mechanical switches for enhanced ergonomics and feel.

Selected Target Companies

Our team has identified the following companies as those with excellent growth potential where BTV can make the strongest contribution to their success.

Image by Toimetaja tõlkebüroo


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