Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners back our mission to empower young entrepreneurs with the resources, knowledge and experience to build global unicorns. The network of our partners allows our portfolio companies access to institutional and private investor funding, support in all legal aspects of IP protection and to connect with customers and suppliers in all key markets.

Monaco Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
The Monaco Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. An independent, non-profit association of organizations, companies and professionals who are active in the Monegasque Private Equity and Venture Capital community.
Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
Non profit organisation established facilitate the development of the Venture Capital industry in Latvia.
Dot Matrix Group
The DMG team’s matrix of capital, networks and expertise is helping grow the startups our syndicate invests in.
Lithuanian PE and VC Association
VC organisation established facilitate the development of businesses in Lithuania.
Peterson Patents
AAA LAW is a full service intellectual property law firm. AAA LAW has particular skills in a wide range of technical fields ranging from chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, to mechanics, material sciences, electronics and IT.
Estonian PE and VC Association
The representative body of Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry in Estonia
Global Business Owners
A growing international business club established in ​over 20 cities with more than 650 members worldwide. GBO is an exclusive but relaxed ​membership ​community for company owners, entrepreneurs, partners, founders and investors from many different industries.
Venture Faculty
A EU based venture capital company providing tools to help businesses set up and expand in the European Union. Venture Faculty is Venture Hub in Riga, Latvia.
Global network of over 4,000 entrepreneurs in 45 cities around the world.
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