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Baltic Technology Ventures AS has concluded an Investment Agreement with SIA "OROCON"

Baltic Technology Ventures AS (BTV) has concluded an Investment / Consulting and Business Development Agreement with SIA "OROCON" (OROCON), a Latvian based company providing tools to automate cost and process control in the construction industry resulting in saving of up to 30%. OROCON combines the most used tools for construction site management in one central platform.

Aleksandr Svaikov, the CEO of OROCON commented:  "Our team felt very confident in BTV's ability to scale our product and promote our services. They have access to many construction firms in CEE and CIS and can give us direct line to decision makers who will surely be impressed with our automated solutions. We have many years experience in construction and development, and know exactly what general contractor needs to save time and money”.

BTV is the only listed venture capital / business development firm focusing on the Baltic market, aiming to connect local innovation with deep experience and access to funding.

Member of the Management Board                                                             G.Zolotarev

         Contacts:          Address: 1-5 Rupniecibas Street, Riga, LV-1010          Phone: +371 67783611          Contact person:          Gene Zolotarev          Member of the Management Board          Phone: +371 67783601          e-mail:          Certified consultant:          Svetlana Hramčenko          "Law Office Spridzans" Ltd.          Phone: +371 26712718          e-mail:

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