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Baltic Technology Ventures AS has concluded an Investment Agreement with SIZZAPP

Baltic Technology Ventures AS (BTV) has concluded an Investment / Consulting and Business Development Agreement with SIZZAPP. SIZZAPP is an innovative technology company and a smart security solution designed by leaders with more than 10 years of experience in the business telematics solution and Internet of Things market. The company is located in Riga, Latvia.

Deniss Moldovans, the CEO of SIZZAPP commented: SIZZAPP offers users a full community support experience and total connectivity - via a small monitoring device you attach to your vehicle that connects to your mobile phone. With SIZZAPP, you can monitor your vehicle in real-time with the support of the SIZZAPP app as well as receive additional features to make your driving experience even more exciting and much safer.

As a startup company, SIZZAPP understands the value of choosing to connect with the right partners and investors in its early growth stage. BTV has been selected as to be the best fit for SIZZAPP company because of its experience, network, contacts, and a deep bench of team talent. Moreover, it has a proven track record in spotting early-stage growth opportunities and connecting the mentors to the growth projects based on the best skills set match.

BTV is the only listed venture capital / business development firm focusing on the Baltic market, aiming to connect local innovation with deep experience and access to funding.

Member of the Management Board                                                      G.Zolotarev

         Contacts:          Address: 1-5 Rupniecibas Street, Riga, LV-1010          Phone: +371 67783611          Contact person:          Gene Zolotarev          Member of the Management Board          Phone: +371 67783601          e-mail:          Certified consultant:          Svetlana Hramčenko          "Law Office Spridzans" Ltd.          Phone: +371 26712718          e-mail:

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