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Information for shareholders

Compilation of shareholder questions and answers

1) What has changed after the delisting of AS Emerging Nordic Ventures shares from the Nasdaq Alternative Market First North on 9.09.2021? Exclusion of shares from the Nasdaq Alternative Market First North means that since 9.09.2021, the shares cannot be traded on the stock exchange and the information about the Company is not published on the website of the stock exchange.

2) Why AS Emerging Nordic Ventures shares no longer appear on the securities account? On 28.04.2023, at the regular shareholders' meeting of AS Emerging Nordic Ventures, it was decided to amend the Articles of Association of AS Emerging Nordic Ventures, changing the form of shares from dematerialized bearer shares to registered shares in paper form. The amendments to the Articles of Association have been registered in the Register of Companies and entered into force on 09.05.2023. In order to transfer the register of shareholders to the Management Board of AS Emerging Nordic Ventures, the shares were removed from Nasdaq CSD SE on 31.05.2023. and therefore, are not reported in the respective accounts of financial instruments of Shareholders.

3) What does the change in share form mean for AS Emerging Nordic Ventures shareholder? The shareholders still have full ownership rights to the shares. In accordance with the Commercial Law, from now on the shareholders' register will be kept by the Management Board of AS Emerging Nordic Ventures and the shares will no longer be reported in the shareholders' financial instrument accounts. Proof of ownership rights to registered shares is an entry in the shareholders' register. Based on a written application, shareholders have the right to receive a documentary confirmation from AS Emerging Nordic Ventures about the shareholder's ownership rights to the shares owned by it (extract from the shareholders' register and/or a paper registered share certificate).

4) Where can I view information about a conversation of the shares?

5) Who can AS Emerging Nordic Ventures shares be sold to? Shares can be sold in private transactions to any interested party, the parties agreeing on the amount of the transaction and other conditions.

6) What is the share price? According to the AS Emerging Nordic Ventures Articles of Association, the nominal value of one share is EUR 0,10. The transaction price is determined by the parties by agreement.

7) Can AS Emerging Nordic Ventures buy back shares? According to the Commercial Law of the Republic of Latvia, AS Emerging Nordic Ventures is prohibited from buying its own shares.

8) To whom should I ask questions regarding shares of AS Emerging Nordic Ventures? Any questions relating to the conversion of shares and the transfer of shareholders register from Nasdaq CSD SE to the Management Board of AS Emerging Nordic Ventures shall be addressed to SIA "Mazars Audits", reg. Nr. 40103512765/ by email SIA "Mazars Audits" is the official representative of the international audit firm Mazars in Latvia and is duly authorised to manage the practical matters relating to conversion of shares and transfer of the shareholders register. Regarding any other matters, the electronic mail for communication with the Management Board is

9) What is the process of share alienation? In case of alienation of shares, the shareholder must apply to the Management Board of the Company with documents confirming the transaction. Pursuant to Article 238 of the Commercial Law of the Republic of Latvia, registered shares in paper form can be alienated by making a transfer inscription (endorsement) on them. The acquirer of a registered share shall notify AS Emerging Nordic Ventures of the acquisition of the share by submitting an application and presenting a registered share with a transfer inscription (endorsement). An entry is made about this in the shareholders' register, where the new acquirer's data and other information prescribed by law are indicated.

10) What should the shareholder do in order to receive information from AS Emerging Nordic Ventures? Information from AS Emerging Nordic Ventures is provided to all shareholders who have provided their up-to-date identification information and contact details. Shareholders are therefore advised to ensure that they have submitted shareholder data update and filled out a questionnaire on the beneficial owner of the shareholder. Any further information can be obtained by email to AS Emerging Nordic Ventures informs shareholders that until the shareholder has submitted the requested information to the Company, the shareholder will not have the right to vote at shareholders' meetings and the Company has the right not to pay him dividends according Commercial law Clause 136.1. Accordingly, we invite all shareholders to contact the Company as soon as practicable and provide the aforementioned information.

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