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New portfolio company: QBIX

Baltic Technology Ventures AS has concluded an Investment / Consulting and Business Development Agreement with QBIX.

Baltic Technology Ventures AS (BTV) has re-signed an Investment/Consulting and Business Development Agreement with QBIX Inc. (QBIX), under which BTV will provide QBIX a flexible credit line and receive options to acquire a minority equity stake and a share swap.

Qbix Platform does for communities what Wordpress does for websites, enabling any organization to build a modern social media portal for their community. They can release an app on their store, enhance their existing website, and more. Everything works across all devices, taking advantage of features like push notifications, real-time updates, videoconferencing, touch interfaces and more. The Platform consists of a growing number of reusable software components that can be assembled to build complex apps, and they all work seamlessly together. It is this re-usability that allows the Company to increase its profit margins year after year.

The founder Gregory Magarshak commented "We are eager to start working with BTV and strongly feel we have an excellent fit of skills sets to take QBIX to the next level. Guidance of BTV's founder Gene Zolotarev is especially important to us, given his network and extensive experience."

BTV will aim to support the growth of QBIX with key introductions to investors, field experts and industry professionals.

Member of the Management Board G.Zolotarev

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