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NOTICE of convening of the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of the joint stock company

Dear BTV shareholders,

On 30 November 2022, the EGM will be held to decide on the changes in the Articles of Association and re-classification of some of BTV shares to allow them to be held in custody at the BTV internal shareholder registry (instead of Nasdaq CSD). This re-classification is being carried out to reduce internal expenses associated with custody charges on Nasdaq CSD and third-party brokers, and will only concern the shares of the main BTV shareholder and shares presently held on BTV's balance sheet. No other shareholders will be affected.

The record date for shareholders' participation in the shareholders' meeting is November 22, 2022 until 17.00. Only persons who are shareholders on the record date are entitled to participate in the Company's extraordinary shareholders' meeting on November 30, 2022 with the number of shares they own, as well as to vote in writing before the shareholders' meeting by filling in the voting form available.

Please feel free to review the attached documents, the proposed changes, and the voting forms attached below. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards,

BTV Member of the Board Gene Zolotarev

Download DOCX • 20KB

Download DOCX • 40KB

Articles of Association_ JSC Baltic Technology Ventures
Download PDF • 330KB

Lēmumu projekti_Drafts decisions
Download PDF • 428KB

NOTICE of convening of the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of joint
Download PDF • 511KB

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