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BTV for Investors


Low Costs 

  • Full alignment of economic interest: no management fee or success fee

  • No lockup or investment minimum. You can buy as little as one share

  • Publicly listed shares traded through any bank or broker around the world 


Shareholder Benefits

  • Complete transparency as expected from a listed company fully compliant with NASDAQ Baltic regulations 

  • Full unrestricted access to our portfolio companies and ability to co-invest with us in the best deal flows of fully vetted tech start-ups

  • Major investors who own more than 5% of our shares are invited to join our investment committee 


Diversified High-Quality Portfolio 

  • Allow investors full economic upside and benefit from expertise of our investment committee and team of experts

  • Fully vetted tech start- ups/companies in the Baltic region that meet ENV’s investment criteria

  • We onboard companies with the most capable and ambitious management teams that pass our psychometric tests

BTV For Start-Ups/Companies



  • Independent review of your business and invest up to 25% of equity if selected 

  • Access to institutional and private investors through our vast network of contacts and strategic partners 

  • Work on your behalf to get investors and negotiate the best terms 

  • Assistance with acquiring EU/EC funding 


Expertise & Experience

  • Access to expertise and experience of our team of experts to scale globally and build sustainable business 

  • Business development, sales, tailor presentations for success and promote the right product-market fit 

  • Assistance with all legal aspects in registration of trademarks and patents, protection of your intellectual property (IP) 



  • Active promotion of portfolio companies and their founders through our proprietary media network - The Baltic Times - and our media partners 

  • Arrange interviews with founders 

  • Identify and gain access to right customers and suppliers in all key markets. We facilitate international expansion of the company

Do you have what it takes to lead the next "unicorn"?

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