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Baltic Technology Ventures AS (BTV) has concluded an Agreement with Bercman Technologies

Baltic Technology Ventures AS (BTV) has concluded a Consulting and Business Development Agreement with Bercman Technologies (

The idea to found Bercman Technologies came from a real-life need - MAKE THE CITY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE. There are still too many traffic-related accidents so we want to give our contribution. Bercman supports Vision Zero and the widespread deployment of self-driving vehicles by developing products designed to be able to interact with all participants in the traffic environment. The mission is to avoid and prevent avoidable road accidents and to accelerate progress towards the widespread adoption of self-driving and connected vehicles to achieve this aim. Bercman projected turnover this year is around 1.8 million euros and employs 32 full-time engineers and industry specialists.

Mart Suurkask, founder and CEO of Bercman, commented "Our company was founded with a clear vision and we have made tremendous progress in implementing it with numerous municipalities, proving that it saves lives and improves the safety of the urban areas. Innovation is part of our DNA and as a fast growing technology company we are looking forward to working with BTV, as it has a fantastic network of investors and partners who can help us take the company to the next level."

Bercman is already generating significant MRR and is well positioned to implement its technology across Europe, Asia and the US. Bercman fully qualifies as an ESG investment.

BTV will aim to support the growth of Bercman with funding, key introductions to investors, field experts and industry professionals.

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