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Dear BTV shareholders, On 28 April 2023 following the AGM the shareholders voted to convert the remaining 1,480,780 shares into registered shares with the relevant amendments to the Articles of the Association and to change Company’s name to Joint Stock Company “Emerging Technology Ventures”. This does not in any way affect the value of Company shares or rights of Company shareholders. The shares will no longer be held by the NASDAQ CDS SE ( and will be transferred to the Company's internal shareholders register. Please note that the Company is legally required to convert the shares to avoid regulatory violations Moreover, the Company is following similar moves from major Baltic companies such as JSC Grindex, as they found keeping shares in their internal shareholders register less expensive and onerous, ultimately benefiting the shareholders. Joint Stock Company “Emerging Technology Ventures” has retained the services of MAZARS ( to assist with this transition who will handle all shareholder communications and assist the shareholders with the required AML documentation necessary to register the shares in the internal Company registry and issue Shareholder Certificates. Following this registration process, all Company shareholders will be able to freely exchange, sell or purchase Company shares.

Member of the Management Board G.Zolotarev

Phone: +371 67783611

Contact person: Gene Zolotarev, Member of the Management Board

Phone: +371 67783601 E-mail:

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