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Asya is an app that listens to a human voice and uses artificial intelligence to provide immediate feedback on the emotional impact of your words in conversation.


Efectio is an employee engagement platform that increases company's productivity and makes employees happier. 


Poklet is an app that helps parents educate children about personal finance in a smart and easy way.

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Orocon is a construction site management software that provides real-time work overview, analytics and forecasts to manage, control, and optimize construction processes.

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Corebook is an interactive web tool to build and share online brand books. Corebook is here to aspire full confidence in branding.


LegID app is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that makes finding the right lawyer simple, quick, and affordable.

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Kedeon is a product quality tracking platform that makes your cold supply chain more resource-efficient, secure, transparent, and trusted.


SIZZAPP is a simple smart device that connects a vehicle to the application and allows you to track its location and technical condition while staying connected to the community of drivers.

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